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Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 8-9-10-11 Capture Your Grief

Day 8:-Jewelery-

This is a pendant that made for me with the picture (scan) of Lily's footprint.

On day 8, it just so happened to be Lily's 6th month birthday in heaven.

                                                              Day 9:-Special Place-

I wasn't quite sure what I would share for this one.  I decided on what makes me the happiest, home with my husband and children.

                                                                   Day 10:-Symbol-

Lily was born on Easter Morning and Easter lilies just are a perfect symbol. Also, I'm not quite sure why, but everytime I see a butterfly I think of her and it seemed that butterflies were everywhere last spring! Lily's oldest sister draw these last summer on her younger sister's arm and on her own♥
Day 11: Supportive Friends and Family

  My children get me out of bed every morning. And I also have to mention how my husband who has been my rock from the first day we were told Lily would die up until now.  He bears with my lack of focus and the fact that I lost alot of intrest in what would keep me busy most of the time (aside from my kids).  It seems parts of me died with Lily... 
 My family supported me when drs said there was no hope, when it got tuff, they were there to help. Family and friends prayed and still do. My beautiful sister who took pictures at Lily's birth. My friend Audrey, she is always there to listen to me. Hubby's coworkers showed sympathy and generosity, but what touched me the most is that perfect strangers to me considered Lily as a precious baby and not just something that died.
 My midwife was there all the way.
 And my friend sent from above, Jenn, helped me with my grief more than anyone would know.
Not shown in the picture, CH and H support group along with all the others on the web who value the lives of all babies.♥

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"Children are a gift from God, babies are a reward." Ps 127.3