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Sunday, November 04, 2012

CAPTURE YOUR GRIEF day 15-16-17-18

Day 15: -Wave Of Light-
On October 15, 2012, a Wave Of Light for baby Lily Hope and so many others who are missed...
I wish I would have explained more on this blog what was the Wave Of Light...  Here is some information I got on the FB page of the event:
"Everyone around the world is invited to light a candle at 7pm your time (all time zones) in remembrance of the babies and pregnancies lost.  If you let your candle burn for 1 hour it will create a wave of light over the entire world for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day October 15th."
Here is an interesting link:

Day 16:-Release-

I had never released anything for Lily before. Last evening, we went to a pond nearby and released a "homemade" origami waterlily lantern. It was beautiful, I plan on doing this again...

Day 17: -Anniversary/Birthday/Due Dates-

  I made this cake for after we came back home from Lily's memorial service. I plan to bake and decorate a cake for Lily's birthdays just like I do for all my other kiddos.
I was so sad the moment I realised I would not be able to do a cake for this child I had been carrying and expecting and dreaming about her birthdays to come, expressing my love and gratitude for that child with a cake on her birthday...
Sure, I won't be making cakes on her birthday for her because she is obviously not here to enjoy it with us, but I think my kids want to express their love for their sister by remembering her on that special day as much as I do...

Day 18:-Family Portrait-

I wasn't sure I wanted to post this picture. I decided I would so you would be able to put a face to all my posts. I am wearing my pendant of Lily's footprint. I love being able to include Lily in my family pictures!

                                                                   Day 19: -Project-

I had time to prepare losing my baby. I just can't imagine if I couldn't have, how much less memories I would have of this bittersweet day, the day I said hello and good bye to Lily all at the same time...

In my mind a memory box filled with tons of little things to help remember and to comfort would be what I would like to donate at my local hospital. But, for now, I am donating what I can, and I think those items are the most important ones.

-Disposable footprint ink sheets (hospitals don't do them here)
-Blank card (for prints)
-Baggies for mesh of hair, cord clip, hospital bracelets and measuring tape.
-A soft baby washcloth
-A list of things to note every details about baby (eye color, height etc)
I am also including a list of photo ideas with a reminder that it is OK to take the time to borrow a camera or ask a friend/family to take pictures for them. (NILMDTS not available here)

It feels so good (almost a relief) to think that some families will receive these and it might make a difference.

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