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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Including Lily's memory in our family pictures

I just published on my Facebook Page pictures of my family and my children together where I chose to include Lily's memory in them.  As I wrote in the description area of the album, including Lily in our pictures is important to me:

"This album was put together to inspire mothers who feel it is important to include their little ones who soar in family pictures. When I learned that my baby was going to die, I was hoping we could have at least taken a family picture after I delivered. Unfortunately, this was not possible. Just realizing and thinking Lily would never be part of our pictures just broke my heart even more. It is important to me to include Lily's memory in the memories we are creating as time goes on because she was a gift from Above to our family. I was advised to terminate, medical world didn't understand my love for this precious soul. I am thankful for that gift of her short life to us, therefore, she will always be a part of us even in pictures... ♥"
I am well aware that Lily is not here with us anymore.  I know Heaven is where she belonged.  But her short life was a gift from God to us, her family, her heart beated for 24w and 3d among us!  I am grateful I was chosen to be her mom, she was a part of us and I will remember her.

It comforts me to be able to have Lily's memory included in our souvenirs.  Because I found ways to do so, family pictures have become possible again and have not been all bitter.  Sweetness was simply added to them!  She is missed and never forgotten...


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