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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Trampoline Safety

Safety, safety, safety.  As most parents, my first child was not even born yet and I was already concerned about our environment being safe for my child.  After coming across a heartbreaking post on FB a few years ago, I became even more aware of dangers for children.  Meghan's Hope is an organization in memory of Meghan (Packard) Beck who was tragically killed when her dresser fell over her.  They aim to raise awareness about the little known safety hazards, especially dangers of furniture and tv tip over.  Their mission has expanded to include all aspects of child safety, childproofing and accident prevention.  This post is in memory of Meghan.

This is our third year of having a trampoline in our backyard. At first, I wasn't so sure that it was a good idea.  Safety issues, managing the "taking turns" issues plus the 'safest' trampolines back then were VERY expensive.  But then, the cheapest were finally available having a net on the inside, protecting from jumping on the springs.  My kids were getting older but not old enough in my opinion to go to the park or ride their bikes in the street without my supervision an 4 out of 5 of my children were old enough to use a trampoline.  Even my wonderful Chiropractor had one in her backyard for her children and talking to her about the benefits, the supervision and the safety rules that would have to be put in place, we decided to get a trampoline.

One of the safety rules that we rarely find when browsing about trampoline safety rules is to never ever let your children play UNDER the trampoline.  My Chiropractor had warned me about this danger because someone jumping on the trampoline could jump on the head of the person who is under the trampoline and this could cause permanent or even fatal damage to the spine of the person under the trampoline.  I am not a chiropractor so I am unfortunately not able to explain exactly what would happen but my common sense tells me that this is absolutely something to think about and to prevent. I know my children would have been tempted to make forts under there but thanks to my chiropractor, the rule not to go under the trampoline was mandatory and had to be observed like all the other trampoline safety rules.

That was easy.  My kids could all understand and observe the rules.  But this year is very different because our last addition is now 20 months old!!!  He is walking and exploring and he simply LOVES to be outside!  And sure enough, as soon as the trampoline was up, he tried to go under it!  

At that age, constant supervision is needed but even then, I felt like this was just an accident waiting to happen. So in an effort to make it safer I had the idea of fencing the bottom contour of the trampoline with green plastic snow fence (or warning or all purpose fence).  My husband went all around with it removing the excess on the top part of it only where the entrance of the trampoline is and using tie wraps he fixed it to each pole.  

The use of a trampoline will always require adult supervision no matter what.  Some will argue that its use should simply be banned and I understand their concerns.  Having a trampoline in your backyard is certainly not mandatory but kids will find a way to it.   Either at the neighbors or at a friend's birthday party or heck, in the backyard of your chiropractor!  Our children need to know how to safely use a trampoline and it's up to us to teach them.

Here is a link by a chiropractor about trampoline safety rules:

And another link that I found helpful:

Unfortunately, this link is not available right now:

Have a fun and safe spring!

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