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Friday, March 17, 2017

St Patrick's Day 2017

Our family celebrated St Patrick's Day for the first time in 1999!  My first baby was brand new and I had a daycare at home.  I was always looking for  something to celebrate and for themes to explore. Back then, my hometown, and my community, was mainly francophone and St Patrick's day was not something popular and I didn't know anything about it!  So I did research the origins and thought it was interesting and fun!

I love St Parick's day!  It's fun, thematic and delicious!  For many years I have been making a traditional Irish Beef Stew that I serve with homemade Irish Bread and a desert with some green colors.

In 2012, we took this photo, I'm so glad I was in front of the camera with Lily in my belly and not hiding behind the camera like usual.  I remember I was exhausted, I was two days from our anatomy scan appointment and I could feel something was wrong but I was not willing to believe it.

The last 2 days we had a big snow storm.  The weather was so different from 2012 and also from last year.  I had fun recreating partly the picture that we took last year.

Here is a production by VeggieTales, I think it explains the history and origins of who exactly was st Patrick.

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