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Sunday, April 09, 2017

His Grace and Comfort and how we celebrated year 5

I've had a busy week.  Every morning, I felt like staying in bed.  I knew today was coming.  I can't complain, despite the cloudy and rainy forecast we had for the whole week, not a day went by that we couldn't go out for a walk or play outside.

My amazing friend and neighbor came twice during this week and helped me get out the door with my 2 youngest. Perhaps she felt it, perhaps not, but I'm sure she doesn't know how much I needed her to be there and how much I appreciate it!

I received an email from 2 of my friends who wanted to let me know they were thinking of me and Lily as her birthday was coming.  How thoughtful of them!

This past week I also had the honor to be another friend's official birth photographer!  It was a night filled with beauty and life, it was wonderful!  I had prayed that my friend would have a peaceful, uneventful delivery, the delivery experience she longed for and the Lord answered our prayers.

This year is the first time I was not awake at the time of Lily's birth.

This morning, when I woke up it was snowing and again, I felt like staying in bed.

As usual, my beautiful baby girl was by my side sound asleep and again, I felt so in love and so blessed!  Yet, I waited for her to wake up and dragged myself out of bed.

When I saw I could write Lily's name in the snow, I did.

Today was like a typical Saturday, with a couple things on my "to do" list, including decorating Lily's cake. 
When I opened my e-mails, I received the most thoughtful and beautiful words from a friend in Switzerland!  That was really amazing!

I had a lot of trouble focusing and getting things done today. 

Then my sister posted a photo of her name!  I was really, really surprised because I had no expectations from my FB friends or from my family!  I loved her idea so much that I reproduced it for the cake for which I had no clear plan yet.

My friend Souphaly also posted a special image on my timeline to let me know she remembered.  That was so very kind and sweet!

Other Birthday wishes from my friends:

--"Thinking of beautiful Lily today."  Cindy

--"Special thoughts Lily on your angel anniversary." Heather

--"Big hugs for you and thoughts for your precious Lily"  Cynthia

--"Have fun Lily with Myléna and Samyra...Happy Birthday sweetheart."  Jessica

I am so grateful for my sweet and thoughtful friends and for my family!

My children are getting so grown up...  I have 2 teenagers and my oldest is an adult!  And we couldn't be all reunited for supper or for the cake.  We were almost done when my oldest exclaimed: "The sky is pink! The sky is pink!"  In a couple seconds we were all three girls outside taking pictures of that amazing sunset!  God painted the sky pink tonight.  To me, it' Him letting me know that He has not forgotten me nor my baby girl.  That I have it all in Him. His love, grace and comfort have been all around everyday this week and that is just so amazing!

We blew a candle after this but since I couldn't take photos with good light and it was late, we didn't have cake and had cupcakes instead.

And here is a photo  took the next morning...  I don't like how the color turned out, so for fun, I edited them and changed them!

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