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Remembering Precious Babies

This page is a gathering of most of the babies names I have written to honor their memory since I have been bereaved.

 As a mother, I put a lot of thought in choosing the name of my babies and I know this is true for most.  Their names are beautiful and when your baby dies, you don't get to write it very often or to receive mail with their name on the envelope.  You don't nearly say their name as often as you would with living children.  Many are afraid to say their name too.

But their names, like their lives, are beautiful & meaningful.


"My husband mowed Noah's name for me!"

We went strawberry picking today and we wrote Noah's name.  Noah is my friend Jenn's son, her fifth child who is missed here on Earth by his big and beautiful family.


 Noah would be turning 2 on July 13.  His little sister Olivia was born on the same day a year after.  Olivia is a Rainbow baby.  I noticed the rainbow shaped traces on my car and wrote their names...

This rainbow was appeared in late June.

We were caught in a thunder storm while picking strawberries.  This was captured as we waited in the car for it to pass.

This rose bush holds special memories for me.  As I wrote Lily's name, so I did Noah's.

We are redoing our kitchen and before painting the walls again, I thought I would draw a big ark, Noah's ark!



"Thinking of you and remembering Lily Katherine with you today"


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"Children are a gift from God, babies are a reward." Ps 127.3